Land Route #2
West Coast


The moped rider travels up the 500 m hill which is Clanton Road until it meets Porlier Pass Road. A turn to the left (north) takes the rider on a 7 km ride along a weaving, hilly country road to Retreat Cove. A turn left onto Retreat Cove Road takes the rider down to the public dock in Retreat Cove .Here is a great opportunity to stretch your legs and search out the sandstone cave that is at the waters edge, a great opportunity for a photograph this unique sandstone erosion.


A turn right onto McCoskrie Road ends at a cement abutment. Here the rider can dismount and hike a short distance to the unique Pebble Beach which overlooks the Strait of Georgia (don’t miss the busy beavers and the trees that they felled). If you continue along Porlier Pass Road the next point of interest is Vineyard Way which leads to Bodega Beach Drive which shows an elevated view eastward over the Straits of Georgia.


If you continue along Porlier Pass Road a side trip up Cottage Way takes the visitor to one of the finer walks on Galiano's Bodega Ridge Trail. A walk along the ridge culminates in a view westward over Trincomali Channel to Wallace Island and Saltspring in the distance.  Here the rider can rest, have a picnic, take some photographs of the panoramic view, indulge in some bird watching (Galiano is a haven for 150+ species of birds as well as many rare and protected plants) and view the soaring eagles and turkey vultures. .The experience will soothe you and provide a memorable moment for years to come. Travelling northward along Porlier Pass Road the next point of interest is Lover’s Leap View Point. Dismount and walk 20m to a cliff face that drops away 100m to the water below.


Take a few moments to savour the view out over Tricomali Channel with numerous boats making their way to safe harbour in one of the many marine parks that dot the Southern Gulf Islands. Further along Porlier Pass Road the rider will pass Spotlight Cove and the road comes to an end at the Native Reserve and doubles back as Devina Drive. If the rider has set aside the necessary time in their schedule, the 50 minute walk into Dionisio Park will provide the rider with a view of Porlier Pass and a wide expanse of white sand that encircles Coon Bay (close your eyes and you will think that you are in Hawaii?.. without the maddening throngs).